N 47° 12' 41.272"
E 4° 57' 48.378"
12HA 90A 31CA

It is said that in the past, the great fame of Clos de Bèze inspired a neighbouring farmer to grow vines. This Mr. Bertin, whose name of Germanic origin meant “son of Bert, the Brilliant”, supplanted the wheat he had been growing with vines. He used vine-stock from his neighbours’ vineyards and adopted their working methods. His efforts paid off and success soon followed; his field, referred to as the champ (field) of Monsieur Bertin, became with time, the Chambertin.
We cultivate 60-year old vines in this climate which accounts for a total of 12.90 hectares.
This is our latest addition to our portfolio, in 2012, and is also our last stop on our walk through the vineyards. Last but not least, for it lays claim to the supreme title. Referred to as the wine of kings, the king of wines, it is also the wine Emperor Napoleon preferred to all others.
It is true that Chambertin is simply sublime. Austere in its youth, it reaches a peak where power, body, firmness and vigour are endless. It develops aromas of liquorice, chocolate, dark fruit, and seems capable of infinite aging. A King.